Dream Sparkers- Igniting Minds. Empowering Success

The Panel discussion began with Sunjay Nath giving an overview of the entire Panel , introducing every member. He also brought into notice how entrepreneurship and innovation are the keys to success. He gave reasons why business aren’t successful and how each time , the business companies repeat the same mistake over and over again.

Next person to share his thoughts with us was Rajesh Raju .Rajesh Raju brought into notice a startup company named as UNICORN. Unicorn is valued at $1Billion . He very cleverly brought in the topic of MONETISATION . His presence of mind along with his subtle sense of humor bought the audience to life.

AS planned , Bharath subramaniam took over the place bringing the audience into play .He played very well with statistics bringing some interesting facts live. He stated that, on comparing 2006 with 2016 , many young entrepreneurs have joined the business industry within this span of 10 years! Angel investor he exclaimed, are individual who provide capital for business start up , in exchange of debt.

Surprisingly , Bharath introduced two more speakers .

Samay , the first speaker , talked about how he won the fortune 40 under 40 award for building India’s first humanoid robot. He also mentioned the fact on how probably they never imagined that AcYut would make it to the int’l Hall of Fame. Their happiness had no bounds when they were placed 6th out of 22 teams at the Competition.


lastly came Nishith , and informed the audience on how they were a mall specialist team of engineers and PhDs who are making business happen. He shared his formula on how to conquer logistics by giving an example, “when you  buy from Big Basket, there is a certain algorithm which directs a particular delivery boy to the correct address. So, how do they decide? Logistics is crucial.”

All over , the panel kept the audience at the edge of their seats by asking questions which made sure that the audience had a part to play .Before departing , a question answer session covered it all .Cherry on the Cake I’d say  This session was a feats for the eyes.

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