Signing Off for Gala Night!

Phew! That was an afternoon brimming with intense panel discussions . Technology, Education and Entrepreneurship.

I am excited to meet HE Tamiz Ahmad, Former Indian Ambassador, Saudi arabia ,Oman and UAE who is the guest speaker at Dubai world Trade Centre. And we have an amusing speaker, Pawan Aggarwal, the Mumbai Dabbawala. Hear his ‘from rags to riches’ story which will leave you spellbound.The Dabbawalas, as they are popularly known, scripted their own history by a showcase of excellence in customer service for 120 years. They have garnered a lot of global attention, including, from noted personalities such as Prince Charles and Richard Branson, Six Sigma and ISO certification, and in the process, have become a case study in Harvard Business School.

Now, begins what we have all been eagerly waiting for. So ladies and gentlemen, let’s head back to our comfy rooms, get dressed because it’s time to paint the town red!

You can all let your hair  down.

But we bloggers, will keep our ears open  and our eyes alert .

Experience the Gala Dinner at Dubai world Trade Centre through our eyes!

Until then, I will be signing off….


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