The Dabbawalas: So,what’s in a name?

Next, Dr.Pawan Aggarwal is going to show us what is in his dabba with his piping-hot presentation. Who would have ever thought the Mumbai Dabbawalas story  would turn into a 100 year in-depth valuable case-study for Harvard Business School? Yes, these are the Masters of Logistics and Supply Chain. With 200,000 tiffin boxes, 800,000 transactions everyday and 240 million deliveries per year, the Dabbawalas have the strongest network.

He promises to leave you awestruck. As the patriotic flares burns fiercely in every heart, the beats of ”Chak de India” rings aloud in the hall and it’s enthralling to see each and every person in a Gandhi cap with the BITSian emblem . Dr.Pawan Aggarwal says  “We don’t just do take-away of delicacies. We do give-away of passion, commitment, consistency. execution,accuracy,dedication,time management and complete customer satisfaction.We look down upon  Dabbawalas, because they are not educated. It’s not always education, it’s about ‘your hunger, and your  thirst. How badly do you want to succeed? For these Dabbawalas, Work is Worship.Customer is God.”

Can you imagine what one Dabbawala told me once. ”Sir,If we don’t deliver a dabba, It’s not just the food that he misses.Sometimes, they have medicines in dabbas. Ek dabba gul ,kisi ki zindagi aur maut ka sawaal hai!”


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