The Interview: A peak into Dushyant’s Life

Note: The questions are followed by his answers.

Question 1: How has education in BITS Pilani shaped your life as a Upanyasakar?

Bits has had a great impact on his life. The open book Concept is the reason he is always prepared for open questions in life ! The bargaining with the taxi driver every morning has paved my was for a public speaker in life. If it was not for Bits , I would have never become a Upanyasakar.

Question 2: Today the youth are plagued by choices. During college they start imagining the first job and first salary have already started up companies. From receiving a regular salary, Thinking about a CTC for 6 years at TCS to seeking peace in being a upanyasakar of great repute – how does one achieve the balance and manage life?

He shared his experience, how he put up a form to teach Sanskrit for free. When no one registered, he realised one thing in life, no one does anything unless wanting for returns. Being a Hostellite has been a major reason for his success. If he was a day scholar, he would be unable to dwell in the current world as he does now.

Question 3: Blind Faith and superstitions in religion, cults and spiritual organizations is a major deterrent for the young and the old. How do we cope with this?

Devotion has to be very personal and lovable. You cannot hurt someone to show your devotion . Superstitions have no place in any religion. If an engineer cannot overcome these superstitions , how will a person with a backward mind-set change ?

Question 4: You started your first Upanyas on Bits Pilani campus, can you describe that scene, which Bhavan and how was it received?

He very well structured his story by framing on how he evolved within his tenure. Every detail including the seating arrangement was described by Dushyanth. His subtle humour made the narration even more worthwhile.

Question 5: We just went back to Pilani after 25 years in Nov for 87 batch reunion. We found just 2 pairs of peacocks on campus. What could be the reasons and can we do anything to bring back the peacocks on campus?

According to Dushyanth , nature is no different from us .Nature is very much a part of us. However , in the past few years , the infrastructure has developed which has led to a decline in the population of peacocks.

Also, his wise comment that nature blooms only when there it has spectators. The current generation has very little time to admire nature and thus the decline is justified.

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