Where Entrepreneurship meets Innovation.

DREAM SPARKERS- Venture Capitalists Panel

A panel discussion for those with an ardent passion for entrepreneurship and innovation.Meet the VCs from the BITSian Hall of Fame who have the power to change your thoughts forever.

Dream Sparkers is about Igniting Minds & Empowering Success.

So,do you have what it takes to enter the daring world of business?Discover yourself , as these trailblazers brainstorm their ideas, share their insights, reveal their experiences and spill the beans of business tactics….



Rajesh Raju,Managing Director of Kalaari Capital

Sanjay Nath,Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Blume Venture

Barath Subramanian,Senior Consultant at Accel Partners

Samay Kohli, Founder Grey Orange Robotics

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