Through the eyes of a BITSian!

The clock strikes 3.40. A euphonious melody echoes throughout the campus which signals the end of another day at Bits Pilani, Dubai Campus. The rhythm of the bell is something characteristic of our campus; not to be found anywhere else!

Sprawling myself out on the front steps of the college, I contemplate on how long it has been. ‘More than two years now’,I sigh. As the wind breezes past, carrying little golden leaves in its wake and the clouds drift apart ; I am drenched in a sudden bout of sunshine, yet it’s cool enough to be comfortable. This is probably one of my favorite spots in the entire college.

I wonder what makes BITS different from the other universities that surround us in this dusty expanse of Dubai. A fleet of thoughts sail through my mind and I suddenly lose count of the number of things that make us exceptional.

BPDC is one of the most sought-after institution for pursuing higher education across a plethora of disciplines .From Business Administration to Biotechnology- you name it and we have it! We are blessed to have a highly proficient pedagogy and state-of-the-art facilities that enrich our learning. Our alma mater has helped to mould us to into what we are today. Whether it is the inspirational TEDxBITSPILANI talks, thought-provoking MUN conferences, guest lectures by prominent personalities or events such as BSF- UAE’S largest Sports Event and Sparx, our campus is always brimming with creativity, energy, enginuity and a passion to surpass everyone one. The word ‘monotony’ ceases to exist in our dictionaries. Almost every other week, activities such as Treasure Hunts, General Knowledge quizzes or ‘Just a minute’ speaking competitions help to rejuvenate our minds. Each day is something to really look forward to.

I get up again, and decide to continue walking. Past the minimart, following the lush greenery and the resplendent flora , I watch how the shrubs read‘ BITS’ with pride. It’s early but I haven’t eaten anything since 5.30 a.m. ,when I had left from Abu Dhabi so I head for the cafeteria. I pass the library block, where small groups of students mill about exchanging news, chatting or reading the posters tacked up on the walls announcing upcoming events.I turm my gaze from the Indo-Pak Cuisine on one corner to a nascent yet flourishing stall of Continental food, and realize that I am already spoilt for choice! It’s not the just scrumptious meals but also the poignant yet exquisite forms of artwork adorning the canteen walls that leave me in awe every single time.

Finally, I ask for a hot paneer parantha and waste no time devouring it. One of my friends from the hostel shows up and tells me about how the recent event , Recharge(by hostelers, for hostelers) made the campus feel so lively and vibrant . She talks animatedly about how much fun she had and how she was looking forward to Jashn, biggest and most anticipated cultural festival of DIAC (Dubai International Academic City).

As I considered her enthusiasm, it struck me that this place was her home. Sharing a floor with friends, staying up late at night chatting , ordering food , watching movies together, frantic group study sessions and crunch time before exams – these were the parts of the BITS dorm life that she spoke of with a sparkle in her eyes. As a day scholar, I had a different idea of what I would remember the most, but long aimless walks, playing table tennis matches, finding an unexpectedly good read in the library, interacting with professors who taught me about life, completing assignments in the nick of time, fastidiously avoiding the cat that also likes to sun-bathe itself on the steps, conversations with interesting people and those glorious trips with friends that are made at the spur-of-the-moment and end up as amazing memories – these are probably the best moments I’ll have in life as a BITSian.


Kiran Anand Rekha

2nd Year