And the curtain has risen…



3…2…1 Lift-off into a Utopian world. A journey which will never fade away from the diaries of a BITSian. With bated breaths, you did anticipate. And wasn’t it truly, worth the wait?

When Innovators of Pilani, Achievers of Goa and Leaders of Hyderabad ,unite at the heart of Dubai to etch a mark in history, we know BGM 2017  has commenced.With the rising of a  new dawn ,  the BITSian fervor soars higher and higher.The colours of rangoli blend to speak the language of ‘Innovation.Inspiration.Industry’.It’s time to fuse the black and white with the rainbow . It’s time to make this BGM a benchmark for the next. We are about to leave a legacy….

Stay tuned for Live BGM2017 Updates!

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