Some snippets from Bots and Robots

Brief transcripts of speakers including Q and A sessions.

Uday-Natural language processing and  speech recognition  was something that we thought only only humans could do. But now, that is not the case anymore. we have been able to enhancing cognitive skills thorough robotics.

Tech has potential to cut down costs. What are we going to spend on? Well, we  might be skeptical to lose jobs.Change is inevitable.  But humans adapt to evolve with changing situations.

Floor is now open to questions.

Samrat- Elon Musk rightly says, Ít’s not Fb, Google, IBM that needs access to technology. Everyone in the general population should.’

Gurinder-Is it the role of engineers to address the issues of digital divide? We can act as advisors since we are the ones who are creating the technology to help people understand the consequences and implications.

Audience- Any special electives that we can incorporate in the BITS curriculum design?

Sunit-Definitely.Technology is changing every second. We need to prepare our students to not just face the future but to lead it.

Audience- Delhi is known to be the world’s most polluted city. Looking at the environmental pollution, how can AI help solve this issue?

Samrat- That’s a tough question. I would say Self-Driving cars. Tesla, way to go 😛



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