BITS AND BEYOND: Connecting Bits and Bitsaa

Bits and Beyond is a panel discussion which connects the dots between Bitsaa and Bitsaa connect . The transition from college to alumni is very prominent.

The panel discussion started with Professor Bhatacharya giving an overview on how difficult it is to appoint the right faculty. He brought about the different teaching techniques they are incorporating in their curriculum. He very truthfully brought about the fact that how they can improve their connections between Alumni and the college. He believes that every college report should be transparent. He concluded his speech by sharing some photos from the renovation which has already begun to improve the Bits campus.


Next on line was the CEO of Bitsaa international , Ravi Cherukuri. He talked about how BITSAA International makes the connection between college and alumni. He made a font call for any donations towards people who lack the facilities. BGM, Bitsians day , Bits2Fitness and  Chapter Meets are some of the events hosted by BITSAA INTERNATIONAL. Moreover, he discussed the Bitsaa 2020 Campaign . He concluded by discussing the fundraising initiatives and quoted, “THINK BITSAA”.

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