Corporate & Ethics: Hitting the right note in Business

Mani-You can be successful by cutting corners and playing politics. But your success will only be  short-term. Everything is karma. What you sow, is what you reap. You can’t be successful in the long-run. When  Lee Kuan Yew became the first Prime Minister of Singapore, he passed a law which would ban casinos completely because he hated the thought of earning something without hard work.He was steadfast to his decision, despite backlash from the society. He knew the nation would make lots of money by gambling. But he wouldn’t take the risk of harming the livelihoods of people who live the poverty line.This is the value which we need to instill in the leaders of tomorrow.

Sandhya-In any business organisation, does honesty flow  from top -bottom or bottom-top?

Pratap-They always say,Lead by example. When it comes to setting a trend, people follow their leader.But when people at the bottom feel the pressure , they can exert the same pressure to the  top  and bring the same  change. It sounds difficult. But, it is truly possible. Change is inevitable.

Dushyant-I think words like corporate and business become redundant if there is no conglomeration from each individual . The sad fact is that the world believes that being unethical is also ethical. We need to change that.

Audience- The last words which the CEO of Nokia said during his speech, ”We did nothing wrong. Yet we lost.” is something that the world would never forget. They never stole someone’s idea, yet suffered a catastrophic downfall.Nokia was the trailblazer in the mobile world. Today, the scenario is different. Tech giants, like Apple and Samsung which are both cases on patent infringement, are the ones who are leading. How do you explain a situation like this in  the business world?

Panel- Nokia lost out, not because they were too ethical. But because  they didn’t keep up with their rivals.There was no innovation. It’s all  about Darwin’s theory of the ”survival of the fittest”.


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