Every Picture says a DIFFERENT STORY.

Ajmal Hassan is the education manager at Mleiha Archaeological Centre. He is not only an avid trekker and Nature lover, but a wildlife and nature photographer as well .He claims to be an amateur Naturalist, but we know he’s way more than that.

Ajmak Hassan took the the stage by a storm, by sharing a number of pics he’s clicked within his tenure in Dubai. The BGM Theme picture that has taken the social media by a storm, are one of the many of his photography skills. “A picture speaks a thousand words” he quoted and proved it right with every picture. He showcased his photography skills with pictures ranging from Jabal Jais , to Jabal Hafeet. He aslo stated that the Khejri tree is one of his favorites, the tree which inspired the CHIPKO MOVEMENT. Anagallis arvensis , SolaniumVIrgianum , Fagonia Arabica (Flowers) were some of his many artistic pictures displayed. His subtle humor on how he was not good at taking pictures of humans kept the audience entertained.

He made a very smooth transition from Flaura to the fascinating Fauna. “The Snake with Horns” was the star of the show. Interesting facts of snakes kept the audience at the edge of their seats.  The names of the different snakes was no less than a tounge twister for most of us! Spiders, chameleons, reptiles, birds, wasps, caterpillars, rats, there was nothing which could miss his camera.

The session ended with the audience wanting Ajmal Hassan to share some incidents that caught him off-guard. His attractive stories ended the session on a good note.

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