Make in India- Aakhir Dil to Hindustani hai!

Rajat -The greatest challenges in manufacturing are cost of doing business, the acquirement of resources and geo-political issues which have  a global impact.

Vikas-What I have understood why clients don’t invest in India are three main challenges ; scale– since our population is large so it can be like skating on thin ice, Tax regulations-which makes companies skeptical of thinking of going back to India and lastly, Implementation. Implementation in India  is at a snail’s pace.A 14-lane highway in UAE takes 9 months, whereas a single flyover in Mumbai took years.

Manufacturing in India accounts for 16% of GDP. But, we are lagging behind other countries.The edge UAE has is the ease of doing business. But do you realize that we, in  India have the advantage with  domestic consumption. We need to improve at home and then only can we lead to   become  a world-class manufacturing hub.

Vinesh- Looking at the projects that I have been involved in, Agriculture is the powerhouse of our economy.My project was the Rice Mill. It achieved tremendous success.Nothing is impossible in India.

Jayan-   30 years of my career at Silicon Valley, there was so much to know , so much to learn and so much to share.You must be thinking what makes Silicon Valley itself? Well, first the Development ecosystem is fascinating.Next, it’s the very low cost capital. It doesn’t come from VCs but from friends, family and people who believe in your ideas.Moore’s Law was our impetus.In US, CAD and CAM have made marvelous feats.In order to succeed in manufacturing, you need to broaden your horizon. Think global.

The way semiconductors , especially transistors were manufactured and packaged at Silicon Valley  was something that gave even China a run for their money. And they lost against us.

Interesting Questions– India boasts of  a large population but the developing countries are switching to automation and technology .Labour employment is plummeting down. So, is our large population an asset or  a liability?

Food for thought…Indeed!

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