Make in India

Make in India was launched by Prime Minister against the backdrop of this crisis, and quickly became a rallying cry for India’s innumerable stakeholders and partners. It was a powerful, galvanising call to action to India’s citizens and business leaders, and an invitation to potential partners and investors around the world. Our panellists will question the fact whether Make in India is much more than an inspiring slogan? What are the difficulties faced in the above context? How effective it will be in raising India’s economy?

The panel consists of
Rajat Gupta who is the founder of the McKinsey’s 250strong global functional Centres of Competence.

Vikas pepriwal , the manager of KPMG.

Jayan Ramankutty is the cofounder, Chief Executive officer and director of KRK labs. He also cofounded Lara networks in 1997.

Vinesh Bhimani takes over as the moderator.He is also the CEO of Kimoha Entrepreneurs .

SV Chinoy is a great businessmen widening his expertise day by day .

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