Reflections of a Multidimensional Career-by Mr.Ranvir Trehan

RANVIR KUMAR TREHAN- 1957 Batch-Technologist

In one word, he is a ‘debonair’! A technologist and entrepreneur, who has served as the Vice Chairman of Apptis Holdings ,and  founded SETA which grew to 100 million USD in revenue  under his leadership .He conducted critical performance and scale-up feasibility analysis of ARPANET,the forerunner of the internet. Trehan devotes much of time in philanthropy, and is one of the Directors at ‘CARE’ which provides aid to the poor and needy.He has also been nominated  by Barack Obama as a trustee for the Kennedy Centre for Performing Arts`.

Let’s hear his profound reflections  on a Multi-Dimensional Career!

The hall erupts in laughter as confessions of BITSians are unveiled.

The eggless breakfast. The cold showers.  From C’not to Loharu. From Dehradun to Delhi.His conflicts with his stern father who was a doctor and how  they finally settled to engineering amused us.From the walk through the memory lane, his talk shifts to how we can advance and progress .He reinforced the idea that BITS Pilani should become the finest institution in research and development by collaboration with other universities. And he believes this vision wouldn’t transform to reality, without the camaraderie and unity within BITS campuses. He also believes that professional success is the not the indicator of a good life. A blessed family and personal contentment is what brings happiness.

He describes his audacious yet risky adventure of delving into a completely new stream, Operations Research. From Machine Learning to Coding, this pioneer is a self-taught man.He says that in certain moments of his career, it was like the Blind Leading the Blind.. And that’s how you learn. From IAS to Electrical Engineering, from a study  US road trip to to chage of Majors in Operations . From Entrepreneurship to renewable energy. He is an extraordinary person.

When he turned 65, he went all 4G. Yes, Golf, Grandchildren, Giving and devoting to God.

His most important message is for all of us to follow, ‘Love your work. Waken up and get excited to go to your job. If you feel your passion is waning off, then try something different for a change’

Step out of your shell. Show the world that you have a story too.

Thank you so much, Ranvir Trehan for coming all the way from Washington!



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