Sounds of Silence-Gongs with Zareen

We are gathered with 6 decades of alumni. What an honour! Truly, proud to be BITSian.

With the new sunrise greeting the horizon, we are greeted by the sounds of silence and the symphony of tranquility. Let’s be fearless and fly to a world you have yearned to travel to, far away from ill feelings .Let the dove fly so she can spread her wings and shower love ,friendship and harmony.

It’s time to blow away your fears of material possessions and financial situations.Reflect within your soul.To thine,own self be true! Dear cloud-walker, paint the sky and make it yours.

The écho of the cronch and jingle of gongs is music to the ears. According to Zareen, hearing such sounds helps the electrons of the body to pick the euphony and create  a balance in the body. No wonder, the medical world is using music therapy to heal the soul.


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