The beginning of a new STORY.

What a way to begin the day. The atmosphere is a blend of anticipation and a touch of nostalgia. Old friends reunite, memories flood back. The registration desks are once again filled with happy faces. College time memories fill the air, engulfing all our identities! Unknowingly, we are drawn into their gorgeous conversations , picturizing every word of theirs.

The hustle and bustle doesn’t seem to stop.  Delegates proudly receiving their kits , admiring their shirts and applauding their badges is a feast for the eyes.

Perfectly dressed Emiratis take over the reception area. Seems like a dance performance is on the way. The sound of drums fills the air. Two rows of dancers, facing one another begin their traditional folk dance .The dancers are positioned close together in rows, signifying the unity and cooperation amongst tribal people. With surprised and content faces, we can surely say that the Ayala dance has caught everyone off-guard!

This is just the beginning, picture abhi baaki hai mere dost!

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