“One Last Time”

With every sunrise, the BGM gets even more exciting. Time flies by, and without a doubt  , the saying stands firm on the last day of the much awaited BITSAA GLOBAL MEET. Mixed emotions stir through the campus with batch mates clicking selfies and pictures, unknowing when fate has planned their next meeting. Positive vibes smear the atmosphere. The fact that today is the final day has not let the excitement fade. Months of preparation for the event have reaped their fruits when we hear the Alumni say, “these were the best three days of our lives “.

Nostalgic moments are recreated. The INK your Memories board is filled with sumptuous colors, leaving the viewer in a dilemma .I am sure  , the stay was for a mere three days , but our fellow BITSians might have gathered enough memories to last a lifetime.

Just one last time , let each of us write a different story , with infinite endings .


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