The Hidden Message of Philosophy- Ajay Chaturvedi

Ajay Chaturvedi- Jimmy Rodgers said in 2009, ”Bankers will till the land. Farmers will ride in Ferraris.”

I can see a lot of bankers doing exactly that.Starting from Haryana, where my eureka moment happened.  I met  a  girl who had studied only until 8th grade but within her, I could feel an ardent passion to create  a difference.It was encouraging .She had never seen a computer and wondered why the keyboard would read ”QWERTY” and not ”ABCD”. When she was finally able to say the keyboard, I was elated beyond words.That’s when the idea of the first women rural BPO -HarVa began.

India hasn’t done a ground-breaking innovation in Technology that can reach to everyone yet. That’s what we need to do.

My book ” Lost Wisdom of Swastika” was turned down by many publishers. Wonder why?  Because the Swastika was considered religious.Because the Swastika was considered religious or evil because it was appropriated by Hitler. But it isn’t. It’s even  a symbol used in Vedic Maths.

The philosophical message is , ”Where you are? Where you have come from? Where do you want to go?”

We need to ponder upon it.

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