To Infinity and Beyond

The Microsoft champion of 2009, Professor G.Raghurama shared his view on how adaptive teaching can be incorporated. He also brought about the fact that how over the years ,multiple choice question have increased in frequency .

Prof. Ashoke Sarkar sir shared his thoughts and re-visited the time when he graduated. He believed that the major reason why students are unable to perform in their respective disciplines is due to the coming of the CGPA grading system. He compared and contrasted it with the grading system during his time.

Pooling in thoughts, Om Prakash sir who graduated from Manipal in 1960’s, believes that the the Alumni of Bits should be assigned as the faculty members. “He who has gone through the same path , know it better” and this quote by Om Prakash justifies his point.

Finally, sharing his views , Kris Ramachandran made the concluding line. He stated that Bits and BITSAA have to understand the mutual impact. The motto is that BITSAA and BITS should collaborate so their mutual bonding benefits Bitsians of today, the past and the ones the who will be the global leaders and thinkers of tomorrow

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