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Next was the Consulate General of India , Anurag Bhushan. Mr. Anurag Bhushan joined the Indian Foreign Service as a Career Diplomat in 1995.Mr. Anurag Bhushan joined as Consul General of India in Dubai in December 2013. With such great achievements, one would have taken time to believe the fact of how down to Earth he was. His jokes on Upcoming Engineers set the crowd laughing .His subtle jokes on migration, of how they were unable to access the girls hostel, relying on fast food, regretting the fact of not attending classes got the audience reliving their memories. His smart talks on how Indians have been a major reason for Dubai’s success was the catch line of the event .  His concluding line ,” whatever life throws at you , its an opportunity, and Bitsians are known for making the most of opportunities” had the entire audience applauding.

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