Words of Wisdom from Harsh Bhargava & Raghu Rajgopal.

The panel discussion began with Harsh Bhargava introducing the fellow panel members doing the role of a moderator to perfection . “So what if you are a BITsian” he exclaimed, posing a rhetorical question. In life, where we came from , what we are should be left behind and face the upcoming with a different perspective. 2017 as the year of giving  , briefing on the online donation portal and his examples on how students take a further step , going different ways to bring about a change were the catch light of the events.” Giving is not only about signing the check” concluded his speech leaving the audience pondering over his thoughts.

Next on line was Raghu Rajgopal, a healthcare specialist, whose speech revolved around the Registry of Life Savers. He is the founder of the DATRI Blood Stem Cell donors registry .He brought to notice that blood cancer is curable in aid of bone marrow transplant and PBSC donation. The only catch was to resister in the donor’s registry and in turn finding a perfect donor. The organization has been very successful with 173000 donors and 222 successful donations. He concluded by revising DATRI drives motto, finding a donor for every curable disease.

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