Yearn to Learn and Earn

The panel began with Avatar Kaw who ran about how education plays an important role in our lives. He brought about the transition on how education has evolved in the past 20 years. He focused on every teaching alternative and what impact they have on our lives. He also brought about the experiment conducted by him which justified the fact that flipped classes can’t match the standards of a normal class. A session worth attending .

Next on line was Harsha Singh. She focused more on primary and online education. She believes that online education is more of a supplement rather than relying completely on it .She very cleverly gave an example of how her friend had only theoretical knowledge and was clueless when it came to practical’s. Her smart use of words and quickies made sure her point was justified.

Finally, Bhuvanesh Avasthi began his part by revolving his content around neuro-technology of perception, emotion and decision neuroscience. Neuro-research has been on a rise in the past 50 years. He shared his thoughts on functional neuro imaging , why its innovation changed the face of Earth. How our minds can control robots, how to minds can be connected and how robots are slowly taking over the roles of humans was the catch light of the event. The saying which says, healthy mind in a health body has been proven true by Neuro science. He concluded by posing a question to the audience , “ can neuroscience be made ethical?”

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