A melange of sensations, a chronicle of notable experiences, the BITSAA GLOBAL MEET of 2011, a first of its kind was a three -day alumni spectacle which commemorated the 50th anniversary of the illustrious institution of BITS Pilani. BGM 2011 served to be a powerful platform for students and alumni from BITS to share ideas, discuss innovative solutions and work together on issues in the realm of education .Held at the Epicenter Hotel, Gurgaon, the event which was based on theme of ‘Transforming Society, Enterprises & Academics through Innovation’ witnessed over 1000 attendees from all over the globe with prominent BITS personalities and keynote speakers such as:

  • Professor S. P. Kothari (MIT Sloan),
  • Rajesh Hukku(I-FLEX Solutions)
  • Baba Kalyani(Bharat Forge) ,
  • Sunit Rikhi(Intel),
  • Ashok Pandey(Film Producer-Phas Gaye Re Obama)
  • Raju Reddy(Sierra Atlantic)
  • Gulu Mirchandani(Onida)
  • Harish Bhat(Titan)
  • Professor Rajendra Sisodia(Bentley College)
  • Ashok Malhotra(Ninash foundation)
  • Rakesh Verma(Map My India)

Further, it was enrapturing to hear a plethora of inspiring stories where some poignant experiences made us shed tears ; whereas, others made us erupt in bursts of laughter.

We were fortunate to have Mr. Prithiviraj Chavan, former chief minister of Maharashtra grace the auspicious occasion with his benign presence. Addressing the gathering, Dr.KM Birla, gave a motivational speech. Also assuring the gathering of BITS Pilani’s aim of reaching in benchmark with the Ivy League.

The diligence of students, volunteers and educators received a unanimous appreciation from all the attendees. A joyful and nostalgic reunion, BGM 2011 was an avenue to catch up with old friends while making new ones. Music, Dance, Quizzes and entertainment in the quintessential BITSian style were the major highlights of the meet.

BGM 2011 not only accomplished what it had aspired to achieve, rather it set new yardsticks for the forthcoming BGMs, which are being eagerly anticipated. Truly, the first-ever BGM was a redefinition of alumni networks, a phenomenal confluence of great minds and an opportunity of a lifetime in a lifetime of opportunities.