Marhaba (means ‘welcome’ in Arabic),

Hope you have by now arrived safely into Dubai (or are already on the way)!

To help you to better to connect with other BITSians and the organizers during the BITSAA Global Meet 2017, we have released a new mobile friendly discussion/chat site and an exclusive app for Android phone users. Please follow the steps below to use it today.

Step 1: If you have an Android based phone, then download and install the app from  or search for BGM 17 on Android Play Store.

For iOS (Apple) and all other handset (BlackBerry, Nokia, Windows) users you can use our mobile friendly web app

Step 2: Click on Register and enter you email ID with which you purchased your BGM ticket. If someone else helped you to buy your conference ticket, please ask your friend or get in touch with one of the organizers and we will sort you out.

Step 3: You will receive an email with your username and a default password.

Step 4Login to the Android app or the Web site ( using the credentials you received in the email. Feel free to edit and update your profile to help your batchmates find you 🙂

App Features:

  1. Schedule Section: Will help you to stay abreast of the event schedule
  2. People Section: Will help you to connect with batchmates and other people that you want to meet during the event.
  3. Discuss Section: Will have discussion related to different panels you can post your views and question there to the respective panelists.
  4. BGM Shout Box:  This is under the Discuss menu and will help you to receive all updates/notifications from the BGM 2017 organisers. Keep watching this forum so that you don’t miss the last bus!
  5. Profile Section: Will help you to update your profile and directions to the Venue.

Have a safe journey, fun filled stay in Dubai and an excellent time with all your batchmates and BITSian friends.

See you on campus tomorrow!

With best regards,

BGM 2017 Team