University is this little world, a macrocosm on its own. You will enter as a tender, ignorant kid and these four years will help you mature drastically. When you graduate, you will be a wise,eloquent and a perceptive woman“, were the words that my mother said on our way to the airport. I was nervous, timid and oblivious on how this new chapter of my life was about to unfold.

Fast forward to one and a half years later, and here I stand contemplating on my experience so far and I can already elucidate on how significant this time has been in moulding me into a better human being. Since the moment I stepped into this campus during the August of 2014, I felt a sense of belonging to this alien place. A positive vibe surrounded me as I struggled to carry the luggage into our hostel, which I fondly call ‘home’ now.

BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus is one of the premier educational institutes of Middle East, providing state-of-the-art facilities and world-class education to all the students. I assure you that this line isn’t stolen from the University’s website as every person associated with the Institute can vouch for the unambiguous changes in their personality. From the innovative teaching styles which defy the old ‘chalk- and-talk’ methodology and hands-on experience of learning beyond the boundaries of the classrooms to the concept of having a continuous evaluation system which is meticulously designed so that the students benefit in the longer run, everything contributes to our growth as an individual. A Dubai Campus student is trained to be an unconventional thinker , a responsible leader and a courageous individual who is resolute in hardships and one who is all set to take the world by a storm.   All the events, clubs and associations are managed entirely by the students giving us the perfect platform to unleash our creativity and express ourselves in myriad ways.

We have two successful Formula SAE teams, Gear Shifters and BAHA with both of them winning laurels at National Levels. To add, we also have IFOR and IORTA, two teams that specialize in Aerial Drones. Our students have ventured out and won Competitions in NASA, and have published their thesis in successful journals and all these glorious achievements can only be accredited to the holistic learning the Institute provides us.

Academics is not our only forte; we have the best dancers and musicians in town, the best designers on board, prolific writers who have won at National Literary competitions , plenitude students who have excelled in art, puzzle solving and such off-beat propositions. Our athletic flairs and sportsmanship is something we are equally proud of! We organize the BITS Sports Festival (BSF) which is the largest Inter-University Sports Tournament in the UAE; ‘Jashn’ a cultural fiesta that is embodiment of the BITsian spirit, and ‘Enginuity’ for the ingenious minds . The hostel family paints the town red during ‘Recharge’ which is a 5-day fun and gala event for everyone to get together and feel like home. It is revitalizing to see the whole campus , resplendent in colour and brimming with vivacity in the wee hours of the night, with everyone playing together and encapsulating memories for them to cherish forever.

The fact that I still have two more years until I graduate gives me some relief, but the thought of not being here after that still haunts. Every place holds a memory, from my room to the gym, from the classrooms to the labs, from the parking lot to even the clinic, each place has captured the essence of our midnight laughter sessions, those silent tears we might have shed at some point. Every corner of this campus shares a heart warming tale of friendships, love, hate, tears and all the emotions we all went through together. There are few years until I graduate, and I want to encapsulate as many stories as possible, some told, some untold for me to revere throughout.

Each and every person in this Institute has given me a reason to live, while my friends are my pillar of strength and support, the faculty members keep reminding me about the innate capabilities I possess, and how much more I still have to achieve. After graduating, I might go places, I might travel the world, live in a fancy place, and find solace in whatever I’ve achieved, but I will definitely come back to this desert, where BITS PIlani, Dubai Campus was my oasis, the best place to be for four long years.

Amrithaa Seshadri